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Trailers set up to house temp staff at Innes Rd. jail

If a strike is what correctional officers want, all the best.

That’s the message the province is sending by investing $8.5 million in infrastructure to house public service managers at jails across Ontario, including Ottawa where up to 11 trailers akin to mobile homes were seen being set up inside the confines of the Innes Rd. jail fences Monday and Tuesday.


Criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt said inmates are concerned and have been kept mostly in the dark.

“They are under the impression it’s going to negatively affect their time in custody,” he said, citing concerns he’s heard such as lack of family visits, limited access to defence counsel and phones, frequent lockdowns and cleanliness.

“This is not a situation that should not have been unforeseen. There are no cheap fixes, but human rights and treating Canadian citizens appropriately should never take a back seat to financial issues.”

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