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Ottawa Bail Hearing Lawyers

Don’t defend yourself from behind bars. Our lawyers will help you fight for your freedom.

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AGP LLP are experienced bail hearing lawyers. We take bail hearings as seriously as trials—after all, your liberty is at stake.

Getting bail is often the most important part of dealing with a new criminal charge. Bail is the difference between being able to work with your lawyer to build a strong defence to your charges from out of custody and being detained in custody as you begin a long wait for your trial.

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Being denied bail does not mean you are guilty. However, when a client is detained in custody, it makes it more difficult to prepare a defence since the client is limited to short meetings at the jail, rather than having the ability to meet in the privacy of your lawyer’s office and take as much time as you need to prepare your defence.

Not being released on bail has other effects on your life, too. You are not able to work and support your family, which could result in you losing your job and your home.

The Criminal Code allows a person one bail hearing. If you are not granted bail, you can request a bail review, but this process can take a long time, during which you are detained in jail. Bail reviews can be very useful, but they are also expensive and time-consuming.

Because being released on bail is so important, it is wise to seek out an experienced lawyer for your bail hearing.

The investment in an experienced bail hearing lawyer can make the difference between being granted bail and being detained in custody pending the outcome of your charges.

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If you, or someone you care about, has been charged with an offence and needs to obtain bail, contact AGP LLP at 613-235-9779.

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