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Ottawa Sexual Assault Lawyers

When the stakes are so high, expert legal representation is essential.

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AGP sexual assault lawyers’ legal knowledge is essential to preserving your right to a fair trial.

Being charged with a sexual offence is a nightmare for the innocent. The consequences and stigma of a conviction are severe: loss of employment, mandatory minimum penalties, lengthy jail sentences, and the black mark of registry on a sexual-offenders database.

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Sexual assaults

Sexual assault charges can involve a wide range of conduct, from an unwanted touch to allegations of rape. In many cases, sexual assault charges may seem simple. There may only be two witnesses to the alleged sexual assault: the defendant and the complainant. In other cases, there may be complicated medical and DNA evidence. It takes experienced lawyers to understand the unique challenges of each case.

With sexual assault charges, there can often be a rush to judgment. The lawyers at AGP LLP have years of experience defending every type of sexual assault. Whether before a judge or a jury, we have been able to expose when there is a motive to lie, prove when there was valid consent, or demonstrate a mistake in identification through an alibi.

Our lawyers are able to navigate the unique court rules that apply to sexual assault charges. In sexual assault cases, there are limits on the questions that a complainant can be asked. If a person accused of sexual assault wishes to ask questions about an accuser’s prior sexual activity, or access third-party counselling or medical records, a special application must be brought.

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If you have been contacted by the police to come in for questioning, you have the legal right to consult with a lawyer. The consequences of being found guilty of a sexual assault can have a dramatic impact on your life and your livelihood. Do not risk your rights or your freedom.

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