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AGP LLP: Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal litigation is serious business, and the stakes for the clients we defend are as high as they come. Our clients come to us with the worst kind of problems and we solve them – with creative, focused, determined advocacy.

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20 + Years of experience

Criminal Defence Lawyers


Established in Ottawa two decades ago, our law firm was founded on the principle that every client is entitled to a defence that is both intelligent and resolute. This founding philosophy continues to guide us today. Our evolution over the years has seen us become a team of highly skilled professionals, adept in managing intricate and significant legal cases. Each partner in our firm contributes a depth of knowledge, strategic judgment, and superior courtroom expertise, essential qualities that contribute to successful legal outcomes.

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AGP LLP is recognized by Best Lawyers®  for the firm’s expertise in the legal industry and by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as one of the Top 5 Criminal Law Boutiques in Ottawa/Montreal.


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We offer comprehensive criminal legal services to help with every kind of case and every type of crime, from theft to murder, from the first phone call from the police station to when the jury foreman says, “not guilty.”


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