Criminal litigation is serious business, and the stakes for the clients we defend are as high as they come.


As criminal lawyers, we defend all of these things. Our clients come to us with the worst kind of problems and we solve them—with creative, focused, determined advocacy.



We defend.

Our firm was founded two decades ago in Ottawa by a group of hungry, young criminal defense lawyers who believed that every client deserved a smart, creative, fearless defence.

We still believe that. And with years of experience defending serious, complex cases behind us, we have evolved into a focused group of seasoned professionals.

Each one of our partners brings razor-sharp intellect, finely-honed judgment, and the courtroom skills that can make the difference between success and failure.

Our clients.

Over the years, our criminal defence and appeals lawyers have been sought out by clients from across Ontario, and from all walks of life. We represent executives, civil servants, doctors, pharmacists, high-tech workers, and diplomats. Our clients also include institutions and organizations facing criminal or regulatory issues.

But we also believe quality representation should not only be available to those who can easily afford it. We have the flexibility to accommodate clients who might otherwise struggle to pay for top-flight legal representation. And, in appropriate cases, we accept Legal Aid.

Our cases.

We have what it takes to defend any criminal charge, regulatory infraction, or disciplinary offence. White-collar crime. Drugs. Crimes of violence, from domestic assaults to serious murder cases. Driving offences, including impaired driving. We provide specialized representation at all stages of litigation. And we represent people who have been charged: obtaining bail, at trial, and on appeal.

But our work is not limited to the courtroom. We give counsel to individuals and institutional clients about their legal responsibilities. Our lawyers have testified before Parliament on new laws and are always happy to help our where politics and the law meet.

Our reach.

Situated in Ottawa, we regularly appear in defence and appeals cases in Gatineau and Eastern Ontario, including Brockville, Kingston, L’Original, Pembroke, Arnprior, Perth, Smiths Falls, Alexandria, and Morrisburg.

But our reach doesn’t end there. We are often sought out by clients elsewhere, including Toronto, Thunder Bay, and beyond.

Our approach.

In our business, there is such a thing as being too nice. We never lose sight of the fact that a prosecution is always personal—someone is trying to take away your reputation, your future, your freedom. We respect our adversaries, but we never forget that we are there to protect our clients, not to make friends.

A custom-crafted defence.

Beware the cookie-cutter defence. Every client is different. Every case is different. We get to know our clients and we spend the time to find out what approach will work them.

And we know the simple things count. We will return your phone calls. We will keep you up-to-date on your case. And we will get to know you and your goals as we craft our strategy and your defence.



In a criminal trial, there is no room for mistakes. We are experienced criminal lawyers, ready to handle any type of charge - from impaired driving to murder. And if you have been convicted, it’s not over yet. Clients convicted of every kind of criminal offence put their faith in our criminal appeal team to deliver the just result they were denied at trial.



We offer comprehensive criminal legal service to help with every kind of case and every type of crime, from theft to murder, from the first phone call from the police station to when the jury foreman says "not guilty." Your case is the most important case.



We only do criminal law, and we do it well. Each defense and appeal lawyer at AGP will fight for your freedom, your rights, and your reputation. We have fought the toughest cases, from the trial courts to the Supreme Court of Canada. When you retain counsel from AGP you retain experienced, expert, respected counsel.



Neil Joynt found not guilty on all four historical sex-related charges

Retired school teacher and former junior hockey player billet Neil Joynt, 78, was found not guilty on Tuesday of four historical sexual assault charges in a Napanee court. [...] Joynt had no public comment after the verdict, but Abergel spoke on his behalf outside the...

Former Kingston gym teacher found not guilty at sexual assault retrial

A former junior hockey billet and gym teacher from Kingston, Ont., has been found not guilty at his retrial for historical sexual crimes against two former students. [...] In the ruling Tuesday, Justice Patrick Hurley said there was a lack of reliability regarding the...



We need to fight for Legal Aid

We need to fight for Legal Aid

It appears that Ontario's Attorney General, Doug Downey, is a quick learner. The old saying isn't true, an old dog can learn new tricks. After a rocky summer where Downey took political heat for slashing legal aid funding and publicly musing about messing with...

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Ontario’s courts and jails slammed by Auditor General

Ontario’s courts and jails slammed by Auditor General

Last week the Auditor General of Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk, released her report on justice, the courts, and corrections. It was a damning indictment of a government whose only real justice action has been slashing legal aid funding and introducing the Smarter and Stronger...

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Legal Aid cuts hit Ottawa

Legal Aid cuts hit Ottawa

Last April, the Doug Ford government slashed funding to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) by $133 million. The 30-per-cent budget cut was immediate – there was no notice – and everyone knew the cruel cuts would send shockwaves through the justice system. And it seems those...

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