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The Docket Podcast

Most of us, at some point, have had rousing, intellectual, politically charged conversations around the dinner table with family and friends. Conversations that perhaps even turn into debates—where people might disagree, argue for or against a perspective or share an opinion or two.

Now, imagine hitting a record button. And turning those conversations into a podcast.

It’s what Emilie Taman (’04) and Michael Spratt (’04) did when they launched The Docket, an award-winning podcast that explores the complex intersection of law, politics and public policy in our country.

Taman and Spratt met when they both were students at the Schulich School of Law—a meeting that was perhaps meant to be, as they now share a home and three children together—though their careers have followed very different trajectories. “You could say I’ve had a non-linear career path,” Taman laughs. “From legal counsel at the Supreme Court and being a former Federal Crown prosecutor to running for political office and now in private practice, my experience reflects the diverse subjects we cover on the podcast.”

In contrast to Taman’s varied and wide-ranging experience, Spratt has focused his 15-year career in criminal law, developing a broad criminal litigation practice. “I was always opinionated, even before law school,” he says. “But being outspoken and holding power to account is baked into the DNA of being a criminal lawyer. Learning the law at Dalhousie fostered a spirit of questioning and debate in both of us.”


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