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Stay upheld at Ontario Court of Appeal

Today, AGP partner and Ottawa lawyer Howard Krongold successfully defended on appeal the stay of our client’s criminal charges because his constitutional right to a timely trial was violated.

At trial, the judge stayed proceedings against our client because, as a result of short-staffing in the courts, his case was not completed within 18 months of charges having been laid. The Crown appealed that decision, arguing that the understaffing of the courts was an exceptional circumstance, beyond the Crown’s control.

AGP appeal lawyer Howard Krongold defended the stay of proceedings in the Court of Appeal for Ontario. In its ruling dismissing the Crown’s appeal, a unanimous panel of the Court of Appeal firmly rejected the Crown’s argument that court staffing lies outside the control of the Crown and affirmed the stay imposed by the trial judge.

This is what we do. Defend our client. To the end.

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