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Placing Del Mastro in handcuffs, leg irons standard procedure: OPP

Transporting convicted MP Dean Del Mastro to jail in handcuffs and leg irons was standard operating procedure used for everyone from fraudsters to serial killers, the Ontario Provincial Police said Friday.

The image of Del Mastro, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former parliamentary secretary, shuffling out of the courthouse in Peterborough, Ont., appeared to rattle political observers who seldom witness the gritty day-to-day workings of the criminal justice system.

Michael Spratt, a criminal lawyer with Abergel Goldstein and Partners LLB in Ottawa, said Del Mastro’s treatment is “standard practice.”

“It’s another example of sort of a one-size-fits-all solution to perceived problems in the justice system,” said Spratt, a frequent and trenchant critic on social media of Conservative “tough-on-crime” policies.

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