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Ottawa police suspend officer in ‘offensive’ TikTok video

Ottawa police officer Const. Paul Heffler has been suspended after a viral video of him bemoaning the fate of the “white man” to other officers was posted online.

The video was captured surreptitiously on a camera mounted inside an Ottawa garage and was first posted on TikTok on April 4.

Three white officers are seen standing around a car. The video begins mid-sentence with Heffler, a 34-year veteran of the service, quoting someone else saying, “Our days are done, white man’s day is done.”

“He’s probably right,” a second officer agrees.

In a statement on Wednesday, Ottawa police confirmed a member of the service has been suspended as part of an investigation into a video posted online.

“The comments on the video are offensive and erode public trust in the OPS as well as internal morale. The Professional Standards Unit investigation is ongoing and, at this time, no charges have been laid,” said the statement.


Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt said the video plainly shows Ottawa police officers using racist language. “They’re talking about the white race, white men being replaced, interracial relationships: This is pure racism and it’s the language of white nationalism,” he said.

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