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Ottawa police officer charged with misconduct after corruption probe

An Ottawa police officer once accused of corruption will still face internal disciplinary charges despite the abandonment of his criminal prosecution.


But four months later, a special prosecutor abandoned the single charge, withdrew it in an Ottawa courtroom and cited having “no reasonable prospect of conviction” as the reason.

[The police officer’s] criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt told CBC News at the time that Mohamed was arrested in front of his family and gave a full and frank statement to police when he was charged.

The lawyer said Const. Haidar El Badry, a fellow Ottawa police officer, had earlier contacted Mohamed, told him El Badry’s brother’s apartment looked like it had been broken into, and asked his fellow officer to take the brother back to the apartment.

Mohamed did so, Spratt previously told CBC, and then identified himself as an off-duty police officer to the building superintendent and discussed security footage.


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