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Ottawa civil servant acquitted of killing wife

Demetrios Angelis has always done everything by the book, so on a Sunday morning in June 2008, and right after church, he called 911 and said his wife had died after he defended himself against a vicious attack.

The longtime Ottawa civil servant was shown the backseat of a police cruiser and locked up. He was later convicted of murdering his wife, Lien Angelis, and sentenced to life in prison.

The man with no criminal record spent three years in jail, including the notorious and now-closed Kingston Penitentiary, which caged many of the country’s worst criminals.

On Thursday, after a re-trial highlighted by an authoritative defence team, Angelis, 45, was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

 Vindicated after six years of being branded as a killer, Angelis sat in court stunned.

“He’s in shock. It hasn’t sunk in yet,” said lead defence lawyer Oliver Abergel of Abergel Goldstein & Partners.

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