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OPS intelligence report on truckers’ protest criticized as ‘oddball,’ ‘unprofessional’ and ‘disturbing’

The Freedom Convoy Intelligence Assessment, prepared by Sgt. Chris Kiez, was entered into evidence this week at the inquiry into the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act in February. It offers the public a rare glimpse of what is normally an internal police document, and in doing so opened up the police to criticism that the force was overly sympathetic to protesters.

The seven-page OPS intelligence assessment, dated Jan. 25, 2022, leans heavily on open-source information, including the published work of controversial National Post columnist Rex Murphy.

It also relies on the world-weary experience of Sgt. Kiez, who offers opinions based on six years of producing intelligence reports about large demonstrations in Ottawa.


On Wednesday, Ottawa defence lawyer Michael Spratt called the OPS intelligence assessment unprofessional, political, incomplete and disturbing.

“It highlights their pettiness and their lack of rigour with respect to intelligence assessments,” said Spratt. “I think it breathes life into the very real concern the police were sympathetic to the protestors.”

Spratt said the document shows disdain for legitimate protest, while heralding the truckers’ convoy as spontaneous, grassroots and middle-class.

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