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MP Gallant’s media posts provoke divisive atmosphere, constituents say

Some constituents in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke are calling foul after their controversial and popular MP posted a call for people to attend the downtown “Freedom Convoy” protest in Ottawa — after the Emergencies Act was invoked.
Conservative Cheryl Gallant said the growing protests were “a direct result of (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau’s divisive, hateful language and his failure to learn” and called for Canadians to demonstrate on the lawns of Parliament Hill and at provincial legislatures and city halls.[…]

Gallant’s call for protesters is a “dog whistle” for bad actors, but it’s not illegal, even for an MP, Ottawa criminal lawyer Michael Spratt said.

Spratt notes there is a constitutional guarantee protecting peaceful protest. While Gallant urged people to attend protests in downtown Ottawa, she also told them not to bring their vehicles and advised them to go home at night.

Gallant actually showed “uncharacteristic restraint” in her posting, Spratt said. It was dangerous, irresponsible and disingenuous — but not illegal, he said.


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