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Mounties’ reach extends to Somalia

Canadians shouldn’t be surprised an RCMP investigation took place overseas, says Leo Russomanno, an Ottawa defence lawyer and criminal law instructor at Carleton University.

“Canada has jurisdiction when there is a ‘real and substantial link’ to Canada,” Russomanno said.

Ader was in Ottawa for a few days before the RCMP arrested him. RCMP would not explain why Ader was in Canada or how long he had been in the country or why he was at the airport.

Canada Border Services Agency provided “intelligence and operational support” to the RCMP, said CBSA spokesman Pierre Deveau.

But the border agency wouldn’t say how Ader came into Canada.

Russomanno said he doesn’t think anything would prevent a municipal police force such as the Ottawa police from using the Criminal Code’s “extra-territorial provisions,” but it seems unlikely their investigations would lead them abroad.

“Practically speaking, it may only be the RCMP who get involved in these sorts of things,” Russomanno said.

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