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‘Lots of blame to go around’: reaction to Peter Sloly resignation as chief of Ottawa police

Reaction is pouring in following the resignation of Peter Sloly as Ottawa’s chief of police.

Sloly announced his resignation after being widely criticized for the Ottawa Police Service’s (OPS) handling of the ongoing “Freedom Convoy” in the downtown core.

A criminal lawyer with Ottawa’s Abergel Goldstein & Partners said that while Sloly’s resignation comes as no surprise, he is not the only one to blame for the inadequate response to the convoy demonstrations.

“Certainly, there is lots of blame to go around for the chief,” Michael Spratt told The Sam Laprade Show on Tuesday, February 15. “But the mayor, who is going to be slinking out of office and not facing the electorate, has a lot of blame to take for this, as does other leaders in the community — other politicians.”

Spratt goes on to say there are bigger issues at play.

“Maybe it’s time we all recognize that we can’t look to chiefs like Sloly to reform the police,” Spratt said. “We need to tear that institution down and build it up in a better way.”


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