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Former teacher accused of sexually assaulting students found not guilty in retrial

A judge has found Neil Joynt, a former teacher previously convicted of sexually abusing two of his students, not guilty at his retrial.

Justice Patrick Hurley told the court in Napanee on Tuesday his decision was based on a lack of credibility from the two witnesses who testified against the former Kingston teacher and OHL hockey billet.


His lawyer, Ottawa-based defence counsel Oliver Abergel, says his client has been bombarded with letters of support from the community since his retrial began in the fall.

“I’ve been contacted by many students asking me if they can help in any way saying they spent years in Mr. Joynt’s presence and not only did he not do anything to them but was a positive and formative force for them,” Abergel told Global News outside the courthouse on Tuesday.

As the judge read out not guilty on all counts, Joynt began sobbing in his chair and was comforted by his lawyer and supporters in the courtroom.

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