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Defendant in Cornwall sex-assault trial proclaims his innocence

Testimony in the trial of a Cornwall man accused of sexually assaulting a then-teenaged member of his family wrapped up on Wednesday, with the defendant himself agreeing to take the stand.

The defendant, whose identity cannot be released because of a publication ban meant to protect the alleged victim, is accused of performing fellatio on his young relative after stopping for a shower at the apartment he was renting to him almost 20 years ago.

While on the stand, the accused categorically denied the incident ever happened. This is in keeping with his defence attorney’s assertion during the complainant’s testimony on Tuesday that the assault was fabricated in a failed attempt to extort his client.

Under questioning by his lawyer and the Crown, the defendant denied he had even set foot in the apartment he had rented to the complainant while he was living there, much less used the shower or sexually assaulted the teen.

“Do you agree with the account of (the complainant)? Did it happen,” asked defence attorney Michael Spratt.

“No sir,” replied the defendant.

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