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Defence in Cornwall sexual assault trial says witness made up story of assault

The trial of a Cornwall man accused of sexually assaulting a family member almost 20 years ago got off to an explosive start on Tuesday, with the defence accusing a now-35-year-old witness of fabricating — or possibly dreaming up — his story in an attempt to extort money from the accused.


The defence’s cross-examination was pointed, with attorney Michael Spratt arguing the witness had fabricated the entire incident as a way to extort money out of his client.

“I am suggesting to you that it never happened, you made it up. Or possibly it was a lucid dream,” said the lawyer.

To make this case, Spratt cited everything from the 35-year-old’s experience as an actor to his hospitalization for mental health problems. The defence also honed in on inconsistencies in the man’s story, particularly about how old he was when he said the incident happened. On Tuesday, he testified was 15 at the time, but Spratt pointed out that in a video-taped interview with police in 2013, he had repeatedly indicated he was 17.

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