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All-Time Best Fictional Lawyers

It’s finally time to decide who is the best fake lawyer. AGP’s top legal minds have spent the last few weeks compiling a comprehensive list of fictional lawyers. And now we make them battle. NCAA style.

The four lawyer brackets are: cartoon, hour long drama, movies, and sitcoms. The winners of each category will face off for the title of ALL-TIME BEST FICTIONAL LAWYER.

And you guys will get to decide. Voting will open each Sunday – starting on December 2, 2018 – with the winners moving on to the next round.

What qualities does the best fictional lawyer possess? Maybe they display realistic courtroom skills. Perhaps they carry the TV show or movie. But there is no 3-part functional and objective test to be employed here. It is totally up to you.

Each week we will provide a brief description and links to some videos and then you do the rest. Which is sort of the beauty of this whole thing. Drop us a line if you want to advocate for a particular lawyer and we would be happy to include your submissions.

Download the PDF of the bracket here to follow along.

And check back in here on Sunday to cast your votes in Round 1 (movies and sitcoms).

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