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All-Time Best Fictional Lawyer: Finals!!

It is a question that has divided law offices and torn apart friendships. Who is the best fictional lawyer of all-time?

And now we have the technology to answer the age old question in the most democratic way possible – an NCAA-BuzzFeed style tournament.

It’s the FINALS!

The prosecution vs. the defence. The old man vs. the young feminist. The 1990s vs. the  2000s.

Lets get to the voting!

Forget who the fictional lawyer is?  Click the links for a video reminder.

Download the up-to-date PDF here.

Jack McCoy vs. Elle Woods

Jack McCoy quickly established himself as a more unconventional, ruthless litigator. He often bends—and sometimes breaks—trial rules to get convictions, finds tenuous rationales for charging defendants with crimes when the original charges fail to stick, and charges innocent people to frighten them into testifying against others. How may off screen wrongful convictions is McCoy responsible for?

Elle Woods might have gone to law school for a boy but she quickly demonstrates some serious legal chops and was able to exonerate a sorority sister accused of murder. Woods has inspired a generation of young lawyer and her intelligence, instincts and charm make her a legal powerhouse.


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Check back on January 27th to vote in the championship round! And we have a new tournament to announce – stay tuned!

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