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Retroactive changes to criminal pardons violate charter rights, B.C. judge rules

Many legal observers were surprised the current government continued to defend their predecessors’ changes to the pardons system — and that it is also fighting a similar case in Ottawa involving M.C., who served four months after pleading guilty to a cocaine trafficking charge.

M.C.’s lawyer, Michael Spratt, said that while the B.C. ruling is persuasive, it is not automatically binding on the Ontario Superior Court, where his client’s case is being heard.

“I would hope given the dramatic impact this Conservative law has had on fully rehabilitated offenders and in light of the government’s purported commitment to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and given government’s claim to be reviewing what they describe as ‘punitive’ legislation, they will not further burden the courts with additional litigation on this matter,” Spratt told CBC News.

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