Ottawa’s New drunk driving law causes confusion


Imagine driving home from a hard day at work, pouring yourself a drink or two and then hearing a knock at the door more than an hour after you get home.

It’s the police.

They want a breath sample from you to prove that you did not drive home drunk.

Is this a realistic scenario?


“If in court, you can prove that there weren’t any reasonable grounds, you win. Do you want to roll those dice?” said Ottawa defence lawyer Michael Spratt.

Spratt is one of the critics of this new law calling it unconstitutional because he says it, “forces law-abiding Canadians to prove their innocence.”

The Trudeau government was warned repeatedly at committee that their new law was against the Charter but they passed it anyway.

“For a government who campaigned on evidence-based policy, it was shocking that this unconstitutional, and unnecessary law saw the light of day,” Spratt said.

He says the new law allows for you to be charged and found guilty even if you only drank after you finished driving.

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