Ottawa police officer bemoans fate of ‘white man’ on TikTok video


A new viral video that shows a uniformed Ottawa police officer bemoaning the fate of the “white man” has renewed calls for reform and triggered an internal probe of the incident.

The video, captured surreptitiously on a camera mounted inside an Ottawa garage, shows three white officers standing around a car, discussing race. The video begins mid-sentence with one officer quoting someone else saying, “Our days are done, white man’s day is done.”


Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt said the video plainly shows Ottawa police officers using racist language. “They’re talking about the white race, white men being replaced, interracial relationships: This is pure racism and it’s the language of white nationalism,” he charged Wednesday.

Spratt said the officers should be identified and their language denounced by the police chief, mayor and police association president. “There needs to be swift and harsh consequences,” he said. “These sorts of comments, these sorts of attitudes, bring the administration of justice into disrepute.”

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