Crown pushes for publication ban on Lisa MacLeod victim impact statement in harassment case


Minister Lisa MacLeod “can’t have it both ways,” according to arguments heard in court Thursday opposing a proposed publication ban on a victim impact statement by the Ottawa MPP.

It was expected that MacLeod would file a statement describing how harassing and threatening emails had a “significant” impact on her life and caused her to fear for her safety.

But earlier this week the Crown notified media it would seek a publication ban on the statement. If the order was not granted by the court, the notification said, MacLeod would decline to submit a victim impact statement.


“It is shocking to have a minister of the Crown making preconditions to the court — that I will give my input only if you do this. You can’t have it both ways,” Abergel said.

“She’s a minister and deserves to be protected, but Ms. MacLeod doesn’t get to say whatever she wants. The public gets to hear what it is she’s claiming the effects are from a single mother of an autistic child and these emails that had an apparently devastating effect on her life.”

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