Bench madness: Law office pool to crown all-time finest fictional lawyer


Claire Kinkaid. Jack McCoy. Lionel Hutz.

If you recognize these names, you probably have an opinion on who the greatest fictional lawyer of all time might be.

Would you vote for Kinkaid, the straight-talking district attorney portrayed by Jill Hennessy on the television series Law & Order, or McCoy, her no-nonsense, procedure-flauting boss played by Sam Waterston?

Or perhaps Hutz, the animated personal injury lawyer voiced by Phil Hartman on The Simpsons?

Maybe you lean more toward Ally McBeal, played on the television series of the same name by Calista Flockhart, or Atticus Finch, played by Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Ottawa lawyer Michael Spratt felt there are enough opinions out there to justify a March Madness-style elimination pool.

Now, they’re close to closing arguments.


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