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The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court in the country. If you have lost an appeal in the Court of Appeal of any province, we have the expertise to take your appeal to the next level.

The Supreme Court of Canada hears appeals from the court of appeal in each province and territory. Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP is based in Ottawa, within walking distance of the Supreme Court of Canada. We accept cases that are headed to the Supreme Court of Canada from throughout Canada—no matter where your case originates, we can take your appeal to the next level.

An appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada requires specialized expertise. In the criminal law context, the Supreme Court generally only accepts appeals in two situations. First, where one of the judges on the court of appeal dissents—that is, disagrees with the other judges.

Second, the Supreme Court may grant “leave”—or permission—to appeal in special cases. The Supreme Court grants permission in very few cases, so asking for leave to appeal requires special preparation. Leave is only granted where a case raises an issue of public or national importance. In a Supreme Court appeal, your appeal lawyer must know how to frame the case and present it to the court in a way that maximizes your chances of getting leave. It is not enough to say that you are innocent, or even that the court of appeal made a mistake—you must show that your case is important enough to be taken up by the highest court in Canada.



Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP is based in Ottawa, but we bring a lot more than just being in close proximity to the Supreme Court of Canada. Our firm has extensive experience in the Supreme Court. Our appeal-practice leader, Howard Krongold, regularly appears before the Supreme Court of Canada, and has presented argument before the Court in several significant cases.

An appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is your last chance to correct an injustice. Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP can help maximize your chances of success in Canada’s highest court. Contact us at (613) 235-9779 to see if your case has what it takes to go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.



In a criminal trial, there is no room for mistakes. We are experienced criminal lawyers, ready to handle any type of charge - from impaired driving to murder. And if you have been convicted, it’s not over yet. Clients convicted of every kind of criminal offence put their faith in our criminal appeal team to deliver the just result they were denied at trial.



We only do criminal law, and we do it well. Each defense and appeal lawyer at AGP will fight for your freedom, your rights, and your reputation. We have fought the toughest cases, from the trial courts to the Supreme Court of Canada. When you retain counsel from AGP you retain experienced, expert, respected counsel.



There is more to a criminal case than what happens in court. We know your privacy is important. Sometimes clients want to talk to the media and sometimes they don’t. You can’t always control what others say about you. But we can help you fly under the radar and when we can’t we will make sure that any media coverage helps your case instead of hurting it.


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Doug Ford & Doug Downey told us they were going to fuck with the judicial appointment process. Then they did it. From me on how the Double Ds broke a good system so they could appoint JPs and judges who think like them:

From me & @crich114 in @OttawaCitizen: Ottawa police and prosectors were given a new power to unclog the court system. They've barely used it. The scariest part is that the Feds preferred drug policy is to give police more discretion, it won't work either:

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