Appeals are not for beginners. To win an appeal, your criminal appeal lawyer must be a master of the written word, a creative legal thinker, and a persuasive oral advocate. AGP’s criminal appeal lawyers have the skills you need to win your case.


Minor fights to serious injuries, every assault charge must be taken seriously. One conviction can destroy your life. AGP’s team of criminal defense lawyers will fight to defend your reputation, your rights, and your liberty.

Bail Hearings

Getting bail is the difference between being able to work with your lawyer to build a strong defence and waiting behind bars for your trial. Every accused has the right to a bail hearing and AGP will fight for your freedom.

Domestic Assault

Allegations of domestic assault are treated very seriously by prosecutors and courts. It is not just your liberty on the line; your family may be at stake. Don’t let a criminal charge tear apart your life.

Drinking and Driving

A conviction for drinking and driving can cost thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance. No one can afford to lose their license. The AGP team of criminal appeal attorneys will fight for your rights and your ability to drive.

Drug Offences

Police and prosecutors treat all drug offences as serious crimes. Drug convictions can mean jail, travel difficulties, and unemployment. But you have rights. Make sure you don’t face jail because the police violated your constitutional rights.


Every partner at AGP has defended clients charged with murder—and every partner has won murder cases. When you are charged with the most serious crime, you need the most skilled criminal defence lawyers.

Sexual Assault

Being charged with a sexual offence is a nightmare for the innocent. The consequences and stigma of a conviction are severe. When the stakes are so high, expert legal representation is essential.

Supreme Court of Canada Appeals

It isn’t over until the Supreme Court says it’s over. AGP has been to the Supreme Court and we will fight for your innocence all the way to Canada’s highest court.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime can still mean a criminal record and jail time. The lawyers at AGP have the tenacity and intelligence to go toe-to-toe with those who want to destroy your hard-earned reputation.



In a criminal trial, there is no room for mistakes. We are experienced criminal lawyers, ready to handle any type of charge - from impaired driving to murder. And if you have been convicted, it’s not over yet. Clients convicted of every kind of criminal offence put their faith in our criminal appeal team to deliver the just result they were denied at trial.



We only do criminal law, and we do it well. Each defense and appeal lawyer at AGP will fight for your freedom, your rights, and your reputation. We have fought the toughest cases, from the trial courts to the Supreme Court of Canada. When you retain counsel from AGP you retain experienced, expert, respected counsel.



There is more to a criminal case than what happens in court. We know your privacy is important. Sometimes clients want to talk to the media and sometimes they don’t. You can’t always control what others say about you. But we can help you fly under the radar and when we can’t we will make sure that any media coverage helps your case instead of hurting it.


A meeting won’t cost you anything. We’re happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs.


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