Oliver Abergel, C.S

Partner, Certified Specialist
(Criminal Law)

Clients who demand elite representation turn to Oliver for his sage tactical advice and surgical precision in the courtroom.

Oliver is a highly-respected criminal lawyer who has built an enviable track record trying cases before judges and juries for everything from fraud to murder. As a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, he has developed particular expertise defending clients charged with impaired drivingdomestic and sexual assaults, and complex drug-trafficking offences. Oliver has provided legal advice to the Senate of Canada, and his clients have included doctors, pharmacists, high-tech executives, diplomats, and federal-government employees.

Oliver is the managing partner of AGP LLP,  and a founding member of the firm (formerly Webber Schroeder Goldstein Abergel). He is, however, a terrible golfer.

Oliver graduated from McGill University and trained under one of Toronto’s foremost criminal lawyers before moving his practice to Ottawa. Oliver is a member of the bar of Ontario and of the State of New York.